Offering an ONLINE TOOLBOX for measuring youth outcomes!

The Outcome Measures Online Toolbox is designed to assess students’ skill development and positive behavior using scales that have well-established reliability and validity. Three types of surveys are available: student self-reports, program staff reports, and classroom teacher reports. Students also report the quality of their program experiences with staff, peers, and activities. Participating programs can choose which types of reports they are interested in receiving.  Extensive field tests, involving thousands of students in grades 3 to 12, have determined that the Online Toolbox is easy to use and requires only a few minutes to complete.

All participating programs receive a summary of the student outcome and program quality scores for their program as a whole, as well as a summary of the scores at each of their participating sites. Scores for the State of California are provided for comparison purposes



Why are these measures important?

Research shows that high quality programs can have beneficial effects on students socially and academically. The Online Toolbox enables afterschool and summer learning programs to have easy access to measures that can inform program improvement efforts, serve as an accountability tool, and can be used for reporting program outcomes to funders and other stakeholders. 

STEM:  There is a STEM focused Online Toolbox survey battery available as well. Please contact us if your curriculum focus is on STEM. Click here to view the STEM student survey description.

Review: The Online Toolbox is featured in a recent publication by the Forum for Youth Investment (Jan 2014): From Soft Skills to Hard Data. The Technical Appendix includes a description of the Outcome Measures Online Toolbox scales and psychometric properties.